Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is encouraging residents to refill their water bottle rather than purchase more harmful single-use plastic bottles that have a huge carbon footprint and are damaging to the environment.

The NI Water Refillution Campaign is aimed at encouraging everyone to commit to refilling a reusable water bottle with our world-class tap water and stop buying single-use plastic bottles to reduce plastic waste. With drinking water now at the highest quality on record, staying hydrated and reducing plastic waste is a win-win for everyone.

Council now has 90+ businesses across the borough signed up to the campaign.

Councillor Mayor, Maureen Morrow said: “Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are pleased to support NI Water’s Refillution campaign. Council staff have already made a commitment to reducing its impact on the environment and have committed to a number of environmental objectives in 2020. Council staff are being encouraged to ditch single-use plastic bottles and switch to a reusable one that can be filled from the tap. I would also encourage local businesses, schools and communities to do the same.”

Angela Halpenny, Northern Ireland Water Head of Environmental Regulation added: “We are delighted Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are supporting our campaign and taking the Refill message right across their Borough.”

So, take the NI Water Refillution pledge and start saving water and money today:

“I promise I’ll do my very best to:

  • Always refill from the tap;
  • Always use a reusable bottle;
  • Remember to carry my reusable bottle with me; and
  • Tell my friends about #Refillution”.

Get involved! Just hashtag #Jointherefillution #Refillution @niwnews @JoinRefillution and start sharing with your friends!

For more info, check out the NI Water Refillution Council webpage or contact us directly at:


E: waste.helpdesk@midandeastantrim.gov.uk T: 0300 124 5000 Option O