​Elected members have welcomed their opportunity to influence national discussions on the future role of local governments.

The chamber was recently given an overview of the Call for Evidence for the Local Government Commission by the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE).

It is focused on conducting an independent inquiry into the future role of local government across the United Kingdom.

The Commission will identify and assess the capabilities and capacities of local government, capturing good practice and investigating the powers and responsibilities required for local councils to advance over the next ten years.

Alderman Tommy Nicholl MBE, said: “I welcome the APSE inquiry into the future of local government. I was part of the discussion at our last meeting in England and was delighted to be involved.

“Nothing stays the same and we in local government need to adapt to the changing needs of the people. Communities, our climate and the economy will all change and we need to be part of shaping that change.

“That’s why as Vice Chair of NI APSE I would give my full support to us taking part and I would support the recommendation that we endorse the evidence from NILGA. I will work along with Councillor O’Lynn to make sure the evidence we give will reflect Northern Ireland and Mid and East Antrim.

Councillor Patricia O’Lynn seconded the proposal