​Aldermen Billy Ashe MBE and Audrey Wales MBE have welcomed the news that Firmus Energy will be cutting its prices for customers outside Belfast by more than 20% from April.

That will mean a typical annual household bill will fall by £135.

The Firmus ‘Ten Towns’ network supplies about 50,000 customers.

The main reason for the price cut is a significant decrease in wholesale gas costs.

Alderman Wales said: “This is good news for our citizens across Mid and East Antrim.

“This reduction is significant and to be welcomed, and I hope further reductions across the energy market are delivered in the coming months.”

Alderman Ashe, who is chair of a Council group set up to consider energy provision and supply, said: “I very much welcome the news for consumers that gas prices will drop by a fifth in Mid and East Antrim. This will have a real impact on household bills.

“Carrickfergus is one of the main pipelines in transporting gas to towns in Northern Ireland so this will be welcome news for customers here.

“This review carried out by Firmus Energy included a thorough analysis of all the cost elements of the tariff. Customers can therefore be confident that their bills reflect the actual costs of supplying gas.”